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Cooperation with the Municipality of Patras for the development of smart environmental infrastructure

Cooperation with the Municipality of Patras for the development of smart environmental infrastructure

New collaboration of DOTSOFT with the Municipality of Patras for the implementation of the project “Development of a Network of Smart Sensors to improve the quality of the Urban Environment of the Municipality of Patras”.

The object of the contract is the creation of a distributed network of smart sensors that can measure many parameters for a more efficient management of the environment of the Historic Center of the City. Through the network of smart sensors, the following is sought:

  1. Implementation of smart city solutions to improve the microclimate of urban areas and protect the environment.
  2. Measurement of the environmental data of the Historic Center of the Municipality of Patras, in order to identify the areas that need protection and to make the necessary interventions.
  3. Recording and control of environmental pollution, air quality, noise pollution and light pollution through Internet of Things (IoT) technologies and identification of existing and projected percentages / indicators.
  4. Control and measurements of electromagnetic radiation in the urban fabric.
  5. Improving the quality of ICT services provided through multi-channel distribution.
  6. Increasing access to open data.

Citizens will be provided – through smart infrastructure data presentation applications – with the ability to view useful information collected through a network of smart sensors that will be deployed at various locations and based on Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. Citizens will monitor in real time the analysis of the collected data on the quality of the urban environment (eg electromagnetic radiation, noise levels, air pollution, etc.).

In addition to the interventions that require the supply and installation of a network of sensors and in general the necessary equipment, the development of a portal as well as an application for mobile devices as a tool to provide information services to citizens is envisaged. In addition, an administrator’s platform will be developed for the responsible managers of the Agency, which will enable the management of the sensor network. Finally, the project requires the necessary additional services: a) implementation study / project specification services b) training services for system administrators and c) preparation of management documents and use of software and interface environments.

Specifically, the project will include the following subsystems:

Subsystem 1: Network of sensors for the collection of environmental data, which will be installed in specific locations in the city center. The sensor network will be the basic infrastructure through which data on environmental conditions will be collected and the data captured within the urban fabric of the Municipality of Patras. The subsystem, through the appropriate software should allow the operation control as well as information for any failures of the sensor network.

Subsystem 2: Applications for citizens. In the context of the implementation of this subsystem, the following applications will be developed that will offer information services to citizens:

  • Web Portal, through which environmental data and conditions will be monitored, information will be provided for the gathering of the public as well as an information service for emergency environmental conditions in real time.
  • Application for mobile devices (at least for operating iOS and ANDROID) which the citizen will be able to download from the respective online ‘stores’ (Apple and Google Play store). The application will enable it to monitor in real time the environmental conditions that will result from the data that will be collected from the network of installed sensors (Subsystem 1) in the urban web of the city.

Subsystem 3: Integrated Management System, for Operating Officers, which will provide at least a high level of monitoring of the operational status of all sensors and will be able to process real-time data so that at least the appropriate information grid can be configured to be available on interface channels with end users (citizens).

Subsystem 4: System interface software with third-party applications and platforms. This subsystem will provide through web services all the data collected through the sensor network and will be able to extract data from third party systems as long as they have open data and accessible through corresponding electronic services.