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Collaboration with the Municipality of Preveza for Smart City applications

Collaboration with the Municipality of Preveza for Smart City applications

At DOTSOFT SA The Municipality of Preveza commissioned the implementation of the project “Pilot digital applications of a smart city for the Municipality of Preveza”.

With the project, the Municipality of Preveza aims at the creation and installation of a personalized Smart City Software Platform in cloud computing, for the download, collection, processing and computational analysis of pilot application data and other available open source data in order to inform the citizen and the public. for decision making.

The implementation of pilot actions and smart city applications includes:

  • Urban Mobility Management and Monitoring Center and the key indicators of SVAK, with data collection in the field, automatic processing and analysis for decision making
  • Waste collection fleet management system with automatic weighing of collection quantities in the field
  • Remote recording and energy management system in the municipal lighting network

The Center for Management and Monitoring of Urban Mobility of the Municipality of Preveza contributes to the promotion of sustainable mobility in the city by placing in the center of planning and management of transport the mobile, both permanent resident and visitor, while also serving its broader objectives implementation of SVAK. The specialized software has three subsystems: 1) Subsystem for data collection and processing of sustainable mobility and monitoring of SBAK indicators, 2) Subsystem for real-time traffic data collection and 3) Subsystem for information and interaction with citizens within the SVAK.

Energy management software incorporates a holistic approach to managing the energy data and additional information that will be collected.